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Best Practices for Data Center HVAC Usage and Maintenance

Published: February 19, 2018

With the average data center in and around Chicago using more than 100-times the energy of any other similarly-sized commercial facility, energy efficiency is understandably of keen interest to local companies in numerous industries. These buildings, dedicated to housing network servers and supporting equipment, are the hub for billions of increasingly vital online interactions and data storage that’s become essential to day-to-day life throughout our region.

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3 Reasons to Prioritize Mission Critical HVAC Services for Chicago’s Data Centers

Published: November 13, 2017

A company’s data center encompasses nearly all of the digital assets, customer interactions and transactions that pass through a business on a daily basis. It’s essentially the nerve center of the entire organization. No company can be fully prepared for the consequences of an outage at their data center.

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Is Full Service or Planned Building Maintenance Right for Your Commercial Building?

Published: November 09, 2017

When we spend a significant amount of money on something like a car or an appliance, it’s pretty common for us to pitch in a little extra to make sure that item is covered under a warranty of some kind. After all, investments deserve protection: it gives us peace of mind and ensures we’ll be able to keep our purchase in top form for as long as possible.

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