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Why Commercial HVAC Boiler Maintenance in Chicago Demands Your Attention

Picture your very first car. How did it look? How did it feel to sit in the driver’s seat and crank over the engine? No matter what condition it was in, you’re probably smiling right now because, above all, your first car represented freedom.

Data analytics On the other side of the coin, if you were like most new drivers, you probably neglected aspects of your vehicle for the time you owned it. New drivers often learn the hard way how to properly care for their car. When you’re just trying to get back and forth to work and school, money’s tight, and the car still starts up and rolls forward, it can feel like a waste of money and time to handle oil changes, new tires, or brake pads, so these maintenance tasks get put off or forgotten.

Of course, a poorly maintained car won’t run forever. And somewhere along this trip down Memory Lane, you can probably picture yourself pulled over on the shoulder with smoke coming from underneath the hood.

Don’t learn the hard way when it comes to your commercial HVAC system

Like any complex machine, your commercial HVAC system contains hundreds of moving parts, circuits, and connections that present opportunities for wear and tear. Parts of it are outside in the elements, and it probably has more “miles” on it than you realize… a lot like your first car.

Just like that car, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance if you expect it to keep running well. Without some TLC, it’s naturally going to wear out and eventually break down.

A smart and experienced car owner understands that basic maintenance tasks aren’t a waste of time or money. Rather, they are a small investment in the continued value of the vehicle. A commercial building owner should take the same view of the HVAC system, ensuring it gets the same consistent level of maintenance throughout its lifespan.

Why Boiler Maintenance Matters

The fact is, the boiler, chiller, controls, and other components that make up your commercial HVAC system are going to cost far more to replace than your first car did. As a building owner or facility manager, you can’t waste money or make poor investments because you’re running a business. That’s why boiler maintenance in Chicago facilities - and all routine HVAC maintenance - is so vitally important:

What if you don’t know anything maintaining your HVAC system?

While you may have a basic understanding of how your building systems work, no one expects you to have all the tools and expertise necessary to properly care for your HVAC system. Therefore, you may not know where to begin.

Join the club. Most owners and managers are in the exact same position. These systems are complex and qualified technicians take years honing their craft and then they still need to spend time on continuing education to stay up-to-date.

If you’re not a commercial HVAC expert - and you don’t have one on staff - the best decision is to work with a professional HVAC partner you can rely on to maintain your equipment right.

Our planned maintenance program offer peace of mind

At Midwest Mechanical, we offer our clients a powerful planned maintenance program customized to each building’s unique needs. It’s created taking into account what equipment you have, how it’s used, and its expected lifespan, among other factors. Following that plan, trained and experienced HVAC technicians schedule regular visits to visually inspect the system and care for any needs that arise so it can keep doing its job throughout the year.

Maintaining your system this way keeps tenants comfortable year round, while also helping you to control operating expenses through energy efficiency and control optimization. Capex planning is also improved because, as they’re handling the routine maintenance and inspections, technicians will identify areas where strategic replacement or upgrades can save you money while avoiding unexpected downtime.

A planned HVAC maintenance program may not technically be an absolute necessity, doesn’t it make more sense than treating such valuable equipment like your first car and driving it into the ground? Plus, it’s an investment that saves money in the long run since your HVAC system will run longer and more efficiently throughout its life.

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