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Commercial HVAC Services and Maintenance Goes Mobile

The mobile revolution continues to evolve with nearly every industry and individual either benefiting or playing catch-up. The commercial HVAC services industry now integrates mobile technology into every aspect of the business, but devices and software have both progressed to the point that implementing a full-scale mobile strategy is no longer a matter of priorities or time.

Commercial HVAC Services and Maintenance Goes Mobile

It’s an essential part of remaining competitive.

What can mobile tech do for commercial HVAC field service?

Mobile devices and apps offer an entire range of benefits to HVAC technicians and customers alike.

Saves time and minimizes downtime

At its most basic level, being able to contact the most appropriate technician - with the right skill set, experience, and proximity to the client - can mean the difference between a one-hour shut down and a full day lost, in the case of significant repairs. And while just being able to contact these technicians while they’re on the road has been possible for decades now, never before has the technician been able to access more vital information faster than they can now via their mobile devices.

Improves the technician’s access to information

Within seconds of receiving an emergency call from the client, the dispatch center can determine which technician is closest to the client’s facility via real time mobile GPS tracking. A quick call or text can confirm the technician is in a position to drop what they’re doing and handle the emergency. Then - again, within seconds - the client’s entire service history, schematics, and every other technical detail needed can be forwarded to the technician’s phone or tablet as he’s on route to the facility.

Enhances real-time monitoring

As more and more commercial facilities integrate Smart and IoT features into their building systems, the ability to monitor the system’s performance and make educated maintenance decisions becomes faster and easier for engineers and technicians with access to the right software.

In fact, with mobile access to cloud-based building automation and analytics platforms, it’s theoretically possible for a technician in the field to notice, evaluate, respond to, and resolve a problem at a client’s facility before the client even realizes there’s anything wrong.

That’s the level of hyper-efficient service we deliver at Midwest Mechanical, which is why we’re continually investing in the hardware, software, and training necessary to help our technicians and energy engineers take full advantage of mobile technology in order to better service our customers.

If you’d like to know how our mobile capabilities could potentially help your commercial facility, please contact us today. We’d be happy to better understand your HVAC needs and discuss our services with you. To learn more, get the facility manager's guide to planned maintenance for Chicago buildings. 

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