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Is Boiler Service Really Necessary for a Healthy HVAC System?

Published: August, 14 2017

As a savvy commercial building owner, you probably keep a master list of all the things that are paramount to keeping your facility running smoothly vs. those maintenance items you deem unnecessary. You know your facility and just because a professional tells you a particular service is important doesn’t mean that will be the sole criteria for making a decision.

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The Chicago Facility Manager’s Commercial HVAC Service Checklist

Published: August, 10 2017

As a facility manager in the Windy City, you’re responsible for all the mechanical assets of the commercial building you’re caring for, including the HVAC system. While paying the bills may be the building’s owner responsibility, budgeting is your concern too.

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How Planned Maintenance Services Help Your Facility Manage Expenses

Published: February, 03 2017

If you own or manage a commercial facility, you know that running a commercial building is a business of its own. Every facility has its own set of books that have to be reviewed, budgeted, and reconciled throughout the year. And just like any other commercial enterprise, the bottom line - and keeping it in the black - is key to long-term success.

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Midwest Mechanical’s Unique Formula for Great HVAC Customer Service

Published: December, 05 2016

Midwest Mechanical has been actively servicing commercial facilities across Chicago since 1974. We’re thrilled to have enjoyed steady growth throughout those 40+ years, and still work today with clients we originally serviced before the internet existed.

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How Compliance with 2015 IECC Regulations for HVAC Systems Affects Your Business

Published: November, 01 2016

No doubt you’re at least somewhat familiar with the Illinois Energy Conservation Code (IECC), a set of regulations originally signed into law in 2004 based on the broader International Energy Conservation Code (also IECC) that provides the standard for energy conservation law.

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Commercial HVAC Services and Maintenance Goes Mobile

Published: October, 26 2016

The mobile revolution continues to evolve with nearly every industry and individual either benefiting or playing catch-up. The commercial HVAC services industry now integrates mobile technology into every aspect of the business, but devices and software have both progressed to the point that implementing a full-scale mobile strategy is no longer a matter of priorities or time.

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Proving the ROI Of Quality Commercial HVAC Services

Published: August, 23 2016

Imagine your financial advisor contacts you about a new investment fund she’s found that will pay out 27% interest over the next several years. In other words, if you deposit $100,000 today, you’ll have $127,000 sitting there just a few years from now to use as you see fit.

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What to Look for When Selecting an HVAC Service Company

Published: July, 27 2016

As a commercial building owner or facilities manager, your top priority is clear when you’re searching for a contractor to handle your HVAC service needs: you need a professional company with experience, talented technicians who know their stuff, and a reasonable price that shows an understanding of your bottom line.

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Improving Building Efficiency with Intelligent Building Control Systems

Published: January, 22 2016

An intelligent control system gathers real-time data related to an environment and makes adjustments based on parameters set by the user.  Buildings that integrate automated and intelligent technology typically cost less to operate than those without and are more energy efficient, comfortable and secure. Investing in "smart" HVAC lighting and access systems has proven to yield the positive short and long term ROI building owners and property managers are looking for.  Not only does smart technology cut costs and increase comfort, it prevents emergencies by better predicting equipment failures and increases the property's marketability for resale.

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How A Mechanical Services Program Benefits Your Bottom Line

Published: September, 23 2015

Having a team of trained technicians that respond immediately to emergencies and experienced energy consultants who are adept in optimizing system performance can have a significant impact on your bottom line. The cost-benefit for your facility is unique, and working with an experienced, reliable mechanical services contractor to determine your best opportunities for improvement will truly maximize return on your capital investments. Here are just a few ways a mechanical services program benefits your bottom line:

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