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Is Your Commercial HVAC Company Using These 3 Tools to Improve Your ROI?

Published: July, 24 2017

Our goal at Midwest Mechanical is to do everything we can to help our Chicago-area customers succeed. For commercial building owners and facility managers, success can mean different things, but one of the key indicators everyone agrees on is showing positive return on investment (ROI).

Maintaining, repairing, and replacing commercial HVAC system components requires a significant investment, so our focus is on both determining and communicating the positive ROI building owners can expect to see.

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Do Your Commercial HVAC Technicians Meet These 3 Vital Qualifications?

Published: July, 17 2017

Your commercial facility’s HVAC system is an integral element in protecting the building itself and everything inside it, from equipment to product inventory. It also serves to maintain the health, comfort, and productivity of everyone working there each day. And, the HVAC system is expensive to replace.

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Why an HVAC Assessment is Step One for Improving Building Efficiency

Published: June, 19 2017

Imagine you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms. Fever, sore throat, the whole nine yards. It’s severe enough for you to visit the doctor looking for help. Without asking you any questions, examining you, or performing any tests at all, the doctor confidently announces that you have strep throat, and hands you a prescription.

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How to Create a Chicago Emergency HVAC Repair Strategy in Minutes

Published: June, 12 2017

No facility manager or commercial building owner in the Chicago area wants to consider the possibility of the catastrophic failure of a major building component like the HVAC system. But many of them do so because they realize it’s far better to be prepared for the worst than to be caught off guard by a major disruption.

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3 Steps to Improve Equipment & Building Maintenance for Chicago Facilities

Published: May, 24 2017

As the owner or manager of a commercial building in Chicagoland, you understand the importance of proper maintenance of your facility’s vital systems, including HVAC equipment and technology. Without an effective building maintenance program, the wear and tear of daily use will eventually damage or even destroy expensive equipment that could have operated for many more years with proper care.

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How to Avoid the Most Common HVAC Repair Scenarios in Chicago

Published: May, 10 2017

As a busy commercial building owner or facility manager in the Chicago area, you probably remain alert for an unexpected emergency repair or downtime scenario.

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How to Reverse 3 Common Commercial Heating and Cooling Problems

Published: April, 19 2017

Learning how to quickly diagnose and fix problems when they first appear rather than waiting until they get worse is a helpful and profitable skill to have when you’re trying to balance all the tasks inherent to managing a large commercial facility.

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Why Commercial HVAC Boiler Maintenance in Chicago Demands Your Attention

Published: April, 05 2017

Picture your very first car. How did it look? How did it feel to sit in the driver’s seat and crank over the engine? No matter what condition it was in, you’re probably smiling right now because, above all, your first car represented freedom.

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Commercial HVAC Issues that Could Be Wasting Money

Published: March, 15 2017

Just like any other business, a commercial building needs to bring in more money than it costs, or it’s not going to last long. Many building owners are shocked to learn how much money they’re wasting due to relatively simple HVAC issues that go unresolved. If you’re looking for ways to economize, here are three areas you can look into with the help of a professional commercial HVAC company:

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Commercial HVAC Company

Published: March, 08 2017

Entrusting the comfort of your commercial building’s tenants to a new HVAC company is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you consider the value of the equipment they’ll be maintaining or repairing, it becomes even more important that you choose wisely. This isn’t the time to settle for the lowest bidder.

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